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The most demanded visa for Immigration to Canada is the Federal Skilled Worker Program which allows professionals from different countries to move to Canada. Recently announced proposed changes in Federal Skilled Worker Program are:

  • Language will be the most essential factor for acceptance of visa. New cut off points for the official language will be introduced. People with good English or French speaking skills will be awarded more points.
  • Professionals in the age bracket of 18 to 35 will be awarded more points than their older counterparts. Youth will stay longer in work and will contribute more to Canadian economy with their enriched experience.
  • Canadian work experience will be an added benefit and will give you more points.  Other country work experience will not be neglected only the awarded points will be less.
  • Arranged employment will be more organized to filter fraud visa applications. Companies will be more powerful and will recruit and relocate staff fast and easily.
  • Your spouse’s language skills and Canadian work experience will get you more points.
Opulentus CanadaThe changes clearly highlight the government’s emphasis on preferring young migrants to older ones. Conservative government of Canada gives a transparent view of how Canada will depend on youth immigrants to give a relaxation to existing demographic crunch. Under the new proposed that will come to effect on 1st January, 2013, overseas professionals aged 47 and above will receive zero points for age, while the people in the age bracket 18 and 35 will receive 12 points. Points will decrease by one with each passing year after 35. Canada wants to avoid aging population as the policies of Canada will also require a change if the migration of older employees continue. Young people get accustomed to the environment and work place fast. They stay in work for a longer period and contribute more to the Canadian economy. This is the right time to apply for FSWP program. Call us on 1800 103 1555 for more info on Canadian immigration program. Fill a simple Evaluation Form to get your profile evaluated for FREE. Share your thoughts and views on FSWP and other Canadian visas on our Facebook page.

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