Check Eligibilities for Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

Who is Eligible for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa?

The Canada immigration policy permits anyone who travels to Canada with a visitor’s visa, to stay in the country for a period of six months or less. Any intention to stay longer requires a fee. The parents and grandparents super visa which permits parents and grandparents to visit and stay with their families in Canada for close to two years with no need for status renewal or fee payments. This migration program has a validity period of ten years. As great as this visa opportunity is, it is not accessible to everyone.

How to Apply for Super Visa?

A super visa has to be applied and reviewed before it granted to the applicant. This process is to determine if the applicant is eligible for the migration process. Parents or grandparents must satisfy some requirements to get eligibility for this migration process.

The Super Visa Requirements include:

  • Permanent Residency: The applicant must have children or grandchildren who are permanent residents in Canada. The super visa is for parents and grandparents with families in Canada hence only applicants with resident offspring are eligible for the visa. To be eligible, you have to provide proof of this information e.g. birth or baptismal certificates which names you as a parent or grandparent.


  • Invitation: The applicant’s child or grandchild must write and send a letter of invitation which states that the child wants the applicant to visit and intends to care for the applicant throughout the visit. The letter also has to include statements from the child or grandchild which promises to financially support the applicant throughout his/her stay in Canada.


  • Financial Stability: The child or grandchild staying in Canada must have finances stable enough to host the applicant. A requirement for the application is a proof showing that the host meets the Canadian low income cut off. If the host does not make at least a minimum income, the applicant might not be eligible for the visa.


  • Admissibility: The super visa applicant must meet all the conditions which are important to be admissible into Canada. These conditions include proof that you are not a threat to the country, you have no international rights violation and that you have not been convicted of a crime.


  • Proof of Return: The applicant must provide proof that he/she will leave voluntarily at the end of the permitted visiting period. The parent and grandparent super visa gives parents and grandparents an extended stay of 2 years, hence provided information that the applicant will leave afterwards increases chances of eligibility. This can be proven by stating the purpose of visit and important ties to his/her own country.

Apply for Parents & Grand Parents Super Visa

Note that a dependent of the parent or grandparent e.g. child, niece, nephew or cousin, will not be eligible for the super visa. As a dependent you can apply for a regular visitor’s visa.

Anyone who meets with all of these requirements will be eligible for the parent and grandparent super visa. Canada Visa Tips is a trusted immigration consultant providing high-quality visa services we process Canada work permit, dependent, Canada Parent & Grandparent Super Visa and many other visas.

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