What are New Canada Citizenship Laws?

New-Canadian-Citizenship-Laws-to-CanadaSince the new Liberal Government formed in the month of November 2015, the Canada Immigration laws were changed mostly. Understanding the problems associated with the immigrants, waiting periods and visa processing time. Canada Government introduced numerous policies to facilitate the immigrants.

The Immigration of Canada has highly advanced technology and the whole system is online and any individual from any corner of the world can Apply for the Canada Immigration. To do something better than what it is now, the Canada Immigration released a list of processing time based on country.  Age old laws that hinder the process of immigration removed. The new citizenship laws for the potential immigrants are: 

The New Citizenship Laws of Canada:

  •     Either French or English proficiency is mandatory.
  •     The language test is applicable for the potential immigrants between the ages 18 and 54.
  •     Signing a declaration is not compulsory after getting the Citizenship.
  •     Your times spent in Canada with the non-immigrant status will be considered for the Citizenship.
  •     Totally applicant must live in Canada for 1095 days in last five years.
  •     No law in Canada will strip the Citizenship right of the Canadian.

All the above laws would be an effect from the Canada day on July 1; Canada Government is also planning to revamp the Canada Express Entry Scheme, the dynamic program to facilitate the economic immigrants.

Earlier the citizenship laws were stringent; it was compulsive to have proficiency in French and English.

Understanding the proximity of problems associated with the immigrants the new Canada Government is planning to introduce new methods and policies that would ease the responsible immigrants in Canada.

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