Indian Immigrants in Canada

Indian-Immigrants-in-CanadaThe Indians living in Canada have great history; their migration to Canada began hundred years ago in 1904. The Sikhs from Punjab moved to the North American land for better prospects and it is one of the vibrant communities in the Canada. Indo-Canadians are well integrated with the Canadian society and now they are part of the Canada society.

The immigrants who were documented in the Canada were Sikhs from Punjab, they arrived in Vancouver, and immigration was largely restricted during the early 20th century.

Despite the countless difficulties and adverse climatic conditions, thousands of Sikhs settled in the Vancouver and they are successful entrepreneurs and working for the betterment of Canada society and their own society.

After the tough laws passed to contain Indians, the immigrants stopped to enter the Canada, because the Canada Government demanded huge sum of money for their arrival in the maple leaf country.

In 1960’s when the Canada Immigration relaxed the policies and formulated policies to favor immigrants. Indians from all corners of the world have settled in Canada, within the short span of the time, the Indian population increased by many fold and it is one of the largest Diasporas in Canada.

Canada receives large scale immigrants every year, Indians are highest takers of almost all the visas to Canada. According to the annual report of Canada Express Entry Scheme 2015, Indians received good number of invitations to Apply for the Canada PR.

Canada Immigration also introduced numerous changes to welcome skilled immigrants to Canada.

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