Work Opportunities in Canada for Indians

Indians have always had a great respect for Canada and employment there as work in Canada has always promised a dream-like life for Indians. Work in Canada is very sorted out and a lot of segregations are clearly made to educate immigrants on the opportunities in Canada. Open work permit in Canada is ruling the […]

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Canadian businesses anxious due to Skills shortage

Canada Visitor Visa

Businesses in Ottawa, who are desperate for skilled labor, will be intently watching the impending federal budget, afraid that the federal government will heavily decrease the Canada Jobs Grant amid territorial and provincial opposition. Critics butt heads with the claims of the government that the program is necessary to address a serious skills shortage in […]

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Government of Canada invests to help youth in the Stratford area get jobs

The Government of Canada is providing support for youth in the Stratford area to help them gain the skills, knowledge and experience they need to enter and succeed in the job market. The announcement was made by Gary Schellenberger, Member of Parliament for Perth-Wellington, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources […]

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