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Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program benefits the individuals to work in Quebec

Recent surveys reveal that Quebec is the hot destination for most of immigrants to choose because it offers diversified career opportunities particularly for Skilled Workers. As per the recent census, Quebec renders two third of the Canadian economy because Quebec flourished with new immigrants from various countries. There are an immense number of opportunities for the skilled workers in Quebec, and this condition benefit both the parties, because as the number of immigrants increase, the economy of Canada increase and on the other side it is providing livelihood for most of the aspirants. The applicants that are applying for the Quebec Skilled workers visas are mostly choosing for further training required to perform their professional job. In order to, avoid this issue and to make the processing time short, Quebec embassy had initiated a diversified point scale system, that differs from other Canadian evaluation systems. This helps in evaluating the eligibility of the applicant for skilled worker visa. This reduces the number of applications in the final stage and minimizes the confusion created during processing time. To prosper in the Quebec Skilled Worker visa the candidate should meet the minimum requirements specified by the embassy like educational qualification, work experience, expected salary, age, gender, proficiency in English language. The Quebec Skilled Worker Visas evaluated through considering the ability of the applicant to become economically stable after migrating to Quebec. An applicant clear the Quebec Immigration for Skilled Worker visa if he or she meets the below stated criteria.

1. The applicant should have one year of continuous experience in the desired field of study, or 2. The aspirant had qualified for the Arranged Employment as a permanent full time employee from a Quebec employer.

In addition with the above stated factors, the individuals should gain a minimum of 63 points over the point scale system of Quebec, and an applicant with spouse should be able to score 49 points under various demographics. The factors considered in the evaluation process on a point scale segregated as education (12 points) and the area of training (16 points), employment letter (10 points) Language skills (22 points), Age (10), Work Experience (8 points), and Adaptability (10). These points are not static there may be slight changes in the rating system, depending upon the performance, and ability and genuineness of the applicant applying for Skilled Worker Visa to Quebec.

Quebec immigration process for Skilled Worker visa is still open. The prospective applicants who are ready to prosper their career in Quebec can approach the nearest Opulentus branch for further proceedings or call 1800-103-1555.

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