Canadian Immigration Through Quebec skilled worker program


The Quebec government created the Quebec skilled worker program to help foster the growth of its economy and in extension the Canadian government. This scheme doesn’t have an occupation list prospective immigrant should have a knack for, which makes it flexible. The only requirement is to have a skill which in turn will contribute to the Quebec economy. The procedure for application only involves two easy steps; the first one is the prospective immigrants should apply for the Quebec selection certificate, and the final step is to apply for a Canada PR (permanent residency).

Due to Canada’s cultural uniqueness, they offer spousal privilege for a prospective immigrant who has a family- whether as a spouse, or common-law partners, single parents are also inclusive. It is noteworthy that potential immigrants have more scoring points than single immigrants, especially those with children.

Fundamental Factors And Their Score Points

There are primary factors which can help to ascertain the eligibility of a skilled worker that desires to Canadian Immigration. This article will discuss these factors, their respective score points and the guiding principles that aid in getting selected.

NOTE: It is necessary to note that, as a single applicant you must attain a minimum of 49 points, while applicants with family must have a minimum of 57 points. If you’re opportune to get an interview with Quebec immigration officer you will get additional six score points which automatically increases the minimum score points respectively, using the points calculator a single applicant get 55 points while a family gets 63 points.

Here are the nine primary factors and their score points:

1. Education up to 14 points (cut-off points = 2 points)
2. Area of training up to 12 points
3. Validated Employment offer up to 10 points
4. Work experience up to 8 points
5. Age up to 16 points
6. Language proficiency up to 22 points
7. Stay and family in Quebec up to 8 points
8. Spouse/common-law partner up to 17 points Attributes
9. Presence of children up to 8 points
10. Financial Self-sufficiency 1 point

The language score point is sectioned into two parts, the French and English language. The proficiency in the French language will get 6 points, and it is good to note that proficiency in French-speaking doesn’t count but it gives you an edge among your contemporaries.

Required Documents

At the first stage of registration, when submitting your Quebec project profile, none of your document will be required. But on request, you will be asked to bring documents relating to civil status, education history, work experience, and family situation. Please kindly ensure that all provided documents are exact copies, any form of falsification might bring grave consequence.

Prospective immigrants who applied to Canadian immigration through the Quebec skilled worker program are required to go through some medical examination and security check before they get a Canadian permanent residency visa.


With the high degree of flexibility offered by the Quebec government through this scheme, it opens better opportunities for skilled workers to immigrate into this province of Canada. Your skill can earn you a Canadian visa and by continuation can become a citizen of Canada, when you make good use of this fantastic scheme.

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