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Canada is a world-class destination known for top universities and colleges. These universities offer standard education to overseas nationals. Usually, foreign institutions proffer wide range of academic programs that suits an individual’s requirements and skills. Canada is one of the preferred nations for individuals who look forward for obtaining lucrative career options and high standard of living.

Why Canada for higher studies?

Students, who are intending to move to this peaceful nation and to pursue higher studies, must possess a valid visa. There are various reasons why most people choose Canada for overseas education, such as wide-range of study and course options, affordable tuition fees, can work while pursuing the studies and many others.

Student visa is a temporary permit given by the federal government to enter and study in the country legally for a particular period of time.

Overseas students studying in Canada enjoy many benefits like world-class research opportunities, affordable education and multicultural society. Prior to filing of an application, one must know the requirements to apply for student visa of the country. Gain detailed information on the student visa process and updated norms by consulting the Opulentus professionals.

Basic requirements to apply for Canada student visa:

Students who are aspiring to study in Canada must meet criteria to obtain a visa. They are:

  • Must be accepted by a Canadian educational institution
  • Must prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves in the country
  • Must possess onward and return air tickets
  • Must have clear record and complete police checks
  • Valid passport
  • Must meet health and character requirements
  • Must be able to convince the immigration officer that they will leave after their granted period of stay in the country

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus visa consultancy has professional hands that can provide you with the best quality advice when you are in need. With more than ten years of experience in the immigration industry, our consultants help you with best options and ways to select the appropriate colleges and universities in your dream destination. Opulentus experts do even give detailed information on the available scholarships and financial assistance, along with visa interview preparation guidance. Come to us for any sort of visa options and resolve your issues in no time.

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