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If you are looking to settle abroad, Canada is supposedly the best option. Known for its rich economy and cultural diversity, the employment opportunities in Canada are bright. And Canada long back introduced Federal Skilled Worker program (Canada FSW) to invite skilled workers across the globe to settle in Canada permanently.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is a special program that allows prospective immigrants to apply under 50 selected occupations. If your particular occupation is not in the list, you will not be eligible to apply for this visa. 

Requirements for Canada FSW:

The basic requirements to apply for Canada FSW are

-you need to have one year’s paid experience in the same domain during the last ten years

-you need to have a valid passport

-you should have an offer letter in your hand

-your educational credentials must be equivalent to Canadian diploma

Benefits of immigrating to Canada:

Canada immigration is said to be amazing. People who get FSW visa will become the permanent residents of Canada. They can

-work and settle in any province of Canada

-can visit 100 countries without a visa

-will be eligible for health insurance and other benefits

Any cap for FSW?

There is a cap of 25,000 every year for Canada FSW. So, if 1,00,000 applications are submitted for review, the high commission might go through in the chronological order. So, Canada FSW is basically all about first come first serve basis.

Opulentus support:

Opulentus has a set of immigration specialists who are experts in handling FSW visas. We process your Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program timely.  We ensure that your visa is handled timely. Further, we also make sure that your visa applications submitted with right statement of purpose.

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