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Jasper, Alberta: A fabulous winter holiday destination

Jasper, Alberta holds an annual festival which is a big small-town party in midst of mountains and snow. Opulentus Canada“We don’t all have to hibernate throughout the winter,” “There’s still things you can do.” Family fun activities, evening entertainment programs and outdoor adventures are held over 2 weeks, bringing the small town to a bustle of activities and a flow of tourists. Situated amidst the Rocky Mountains, Jasper is about a 3 ½-hour drive west of Edmonton. Jasper is quiet place and pretty laid-back. “It’s really magical to be out in the winter and just renewing your energy about what you can do.” Visit Alberta, Canada with a Tourist Visa. Contact Opulentus for further information. Call 1800 103 1555 or Visit Opulentus Canada.

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