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Canada is one of the most advanced countries which welcome immigrants from all over the world. It is one of the countries which accept immigrants the most.

Being an advanced nation in terms of Industry, technology and development which ranks among top 5 countries of the world it needs a robust, qualified, skilled and productive population. It also needs a next generation which can sustain the growth rate.

Canada is the second largest country with 9, 970, 610, sq.km in the area, but it has only an average population density of 3 people per sq.km. Its population growth is just 1.1%. It also has an aged population who is more than 65 years in age is about 15%.

Successive governments in Canada are pursuing rigorous Immigration policies In order to overcome these shortfalls. Immigration has become vital to Canada’s population growth and economic prosperity.

Canada now has an immigration system thru which a huge volume of immigrants are now relocating to Canada to settle permanently. In the year 2011 alone, nearly 250000 people joined the ranks of new immigrants under different immigration programs.

Yet, while demand for these immigrants’ skills is ever increasing, many of these highly competent immigrants to Canada remain underemployed. It is important that these immigrants are settled in Canada upon their arrival. It is important the skills of these immigrants are utilized to the optimum.  Canadian Government has taken up several programs to resettle and to optimize the of skills the immigrants. It is spending millions of dollars to achieve this goal.

One of such programs initiated to resettle the Immigrants to enable them to integrate into the Canadian economic mail stream Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP).

The Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) was launched in 2007 as a pilot project under the aegis of Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and is fully funded Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

This program was conceived to aid and assist the immigrants entering Canada to settle permanently under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

To quote Mr. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism "We want newcomers to be able to use their skills as soon as possible in Canada… CIIP will help them jump-start the credential recognition process before they arrive in Canada.”

CIIP pays way for immigrants who were given permanent residency under Federal Skilled Workers Program to integrate into the Canadian labour market while they are still in India completing their final immigration requirements.

The focus of CIIP is to provide maximum support to help new immigrants under Federal Skilled Workers Program to Canada in getting access to jobs at the requisite level in their field of immigrant’s expertise.

CIIP aims at preparing the new Permanent Residents under Federal Skilled Workers Program while they are still in India.

Participation in this project is voluntary and free.

CIIP helps the prospective immigrant under the Federal Skilled workers Program to understand the existing conditions of the Canadian economy. They support Federal Skilled Workers in planning for a career path based on their skills, knowledge and experience. They are provided with resources and tools accessible to improve your ability to gain appropriate employment in Canada.

  • CIIP helps prospective immigrant under the Federal Skilled workers prepare for success by furnishing them the following information.
  • CIIP enables the new Skilled Workers to prepare effectively overseas to meet and optimize credential, language and skill requirements to achieve a fast economic integration in Canada.
  • CIIP provides access to the best information and research resources.
  • CIIP provides expert advice to help prospective immigrant under the Federal Skilled workers consider options and make decisions that are right for them and their family.
  • CIIP provides Insights into challenges which might be faced by them.
  • CIIP provide direct communication channels with employers and other organizations that can support Skilled Workers while you are still in the country of the make better informed decisions about the choices available to them of origin through transitioning to Canada.
  • CIIP assist them in making better informed decisions about the choices available to them.

Canada will also benefit by CIIP since this program aims at achieving Canada’s economic might through harnessing new Permanent Skilled Workers talent by overcoming newcomers’ initial problem in   recognition of their skills, education and experience.

To quote Mr. Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister "The goal will be to get those who are trained and ready to work in their fields of expertise into the workforce more quickly."

To get the maximum benefit of CIIP, the Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments have pledged to take a concerted & organized action for the progress of the integration of internationally-trained new Skilled Workers into the Canadian economy.

The achievements of the CIIP are impressive.

  • 67% of the people who attended CIIP graduates in Canada are employed
  • 93% of them working found employment in tune with their education, experience and skill sets within 6 months of arrival.
  • 73% of them found employment in 3 months of their arrival in Canada.
  • Almost 60% were employed in their field of specialization or a related field.
  • 22% of them obtained a higher position than in their native country.


The aspirant Immigrants   who have applied for Permanent Residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Program are eligible to attend this program.

Eligible applicants are communicated directly by the Visa Section of the Canadian High Commission.

Canada by taking initiatives like CIIP is ensuring a faster integration of permanent residents who are entering Canada under Federal Skilled Worker Program.

To know how to process your application for Permanent Residency under Federal Skilled Workers program you login to canadatips.com.

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