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What is the Key Difference Between the 9th and 10th Round of Canada Express Entry ?

Canada Express Entry Requirements The number of invitation to apply issued in 10th draw had higher number when compared to the ninth draw.  The actual number of invitation issued for 10th draw was 1501 whereas for the 9th draw the number was only 1361. There has been an increase of 140 ITAs between both the draws.

The cut off score for the 10th draw was 482 but whereas the cut off score for the 9th draw is 755.  So, there has been decrease of 273 points in the cut off score between both draws.

Express Entry : In CRS Cut-off, the Largest Difference

The tenth round of Express entry has obtained largest difference in the CRS cut-off score i.e,(-273). There is another observation that, the CRS Cut-off score had been decreased by 273 points, and it is the biggest decrease in Cut-off score since introduction of Canada Express Entry.

Will CIC, meet the Express Entry Requirements ?

On Average, the maple leaf nation has issued around 25,000 PRs each year and 70% of these PRs are in the economic class. Based on way, things are going, the CIC would not be able to meet the required number. As a result, there might be more frequent draws or  would have continuous increase of invitation to apply in the future.

Thus far, 3rd highest number of Invitation to apply has been issued

The CIC has issued the third highest number of ITA’s (1501) in the 10th draw. We find the CIC, sent out the highest number of ITAs in Round 6 (1637).  The difference between the highest number of Invitation to apply and that of the lowest is 922. 922 is the difference between 1637,ITA in round 6 and in round 8, the ITA were 715.

Applicant, even though they may have low score, but as long the applicant is able to secure a valid job offer, they can be selected. So, all applicants, should keep on seeking for a valid job offer from Canadian employers.

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