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Canada Immigration - Canada PRThe Permanent Residence visa for Canada, is a visa given to people coming from different nations, other than Canada. Canada is one of the most preferred countries for people worldwide, those who want to apply for Permanent Residency Visa. Canada’s extremely flexible immigration rules, enriching variety of culture, fair and democratic values, unlimited career opportunities has managed to lure thousands of individuals to apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada from all over the world. There are different programs such as QSWP, PNP and other programs to apply for permanent resident Visa. PR Card in Canada The applicants are allowed to have Permanent Resident Card in order to prove that they belong to Canada as Permanent Residents of Canada. In order to enjoy the privileges as other citizens of Canada, one should hold a permanent residence card. After continuing as a permanent resident in Canada for 5 years, one could also apply for citizenship in Canada as well. Although, having a PR in Canada doesn’t allow anyone to make another political party or start any political office. Jobs, which need high security clearance, are also not available for people with status of permanent resident. Requirements of Applying for PR for Canada The best way to ensure that one get the PR card is to make sure that they have the required documents such as financial proof to show that the applicant is able to sustain in Canada. Educational credential assessment along with other certificates such as bachelor’s degree certificate, schooling certificate and other stuff is required at any cost without fail. Language assessment tests such as IELTS and other documents based on the kind of Visa, one has applied for. A person applying for PR must ensure that he/she has not been involved in any crime scene. The perks of being Permanent resident in Canada Anyone who is a permanent resident in Canada is allowed to use many facilities such as that they can live in Canada as long as they want and can start any business there.  Having a PR status, entitles the applicant to have right to work in any Canadian office and study in any Canadian University. The healthcare benefits are provided to everyone who is having PR status in Canada. Other benefits include that they can apply for Canadian citizenship and can enjoy all possible rights as of Canadian citizen.

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