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Increase in Application Fees for Canadian Immigration

Processing fees for immigration are going to get higher, according to a planned federal budget released on Thursday. Hike in Student Application FormFees currently paid covers only a 20 percent of the processing cost and the rest is paid out of taxes levied on the general population. As CIC plans the processing fee can be doubled up to $400, this is reducing the portion paid out of general revenues to 60 percent. As of September 2012, there were 319,517 citizenship applications awaiting processing, and only enough funding for CIC to process 160,000 of them. The proposed budget allocates $44 million in additional funding over two years to speed up the processing of the remaining citizenship applications, and gives CIC the authority to increase fees to pay for the spending. Fees for temporary resident permits are also likely to increase. The number of visitor visas issued per annum is increased to one million in 2012, and the federal government plans to spend $42 million over two years to process them more quickly. In order to fund the extra spending, the government is planning to allow CIC to raise application fees for visitor visa applications. Fees for temporary resident visas haven’t increased for 15 years. The federal officials are planning to collect more money in work permit applications. Currently, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) handles the labor market assessments required for work permit applications at no cost to the employer, who is seeking to hire the foreign national. The federal government plans to charge companies a fee for the labor market assessments. For detailed information on Canada immigration, contact 1800 103 1555      

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