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Canada has always been successful in maintaining the hotspot status for skilled people across the globe to fly down and work and settle in Canada. Accordingly, Canada has been able to afford so much of employment in many technically skilled areas to attract numerous skilled workers from all countries. Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Visa has been a boon for many skilled people across countries who have had one of their eyes reserved for Canada constantly to observe the changing trends of various streams. Especially in the domain of Civil Engineering, there has been a constant demand for qualified, well trained and experienced civil engineers to meet up with the scarcity of professionals in the country. The Canadian federal skilled worker program has been trying relentlessly to fill up the vacancies and has opened gates for skilled workers across many sectors to be welcomed into Canada. The latest statistics reinforce to the above quoted statement in regards to the civil engineers in Canada. With 300 being the cutoff limit for FSW Visa for civil engineers to Canada, the recent update dated 17th October 2013 reveals that 167 out of 300 caps are filled which denotes that 133 applications are still open for applying. Upon a careful review of applications and evaluation, eligible ones are granted with Canada FSW visa to live, work and settle in Canada. Engineering managers have topped the charts in terms of FSW capping. Civil Engineering stats stand second only to Engineering Managers and Financial Analysts in terms of attracting foreign immigrants. Civil Engineers are most likely to make a handsome $60, 000 per annum in Canada which in comparison is very high to other professions. Also all the recent surveys in Canada make it crystal clear that Civil Engineering roles and vacancies top the charts of employment in Canada. Apart from Federal Skilled Worker Visa, even the Quebec Skilled Worker Program attributes maximum points for the civil engineers if chosen to go there in search of civil engineering jobs in Quebec. To maintain a great standard in such highly regarded profession,  is opening only 300 applications at one time for huge inflow of application for a better scrutiny. Life in Canada is always promising and also more rewarding for the most sought-after professions like Civil Engineering. With the rise of industries like construction in the country, Canada is keen on promoting its infrastructure on a global level and for this; they are looking forward to possess the most talented work force in the domain of civil engineering.

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