Canadian Immigration Through Quebec skilled worker program

Introduction The Quebec government created the Quebec skilled worker program to help foster the growth of its economy and in extension the Canadian government. This scheme doesn’t have an occupation list prospective immigrant should have a knack for, which makes it flexible. The only requirement is to have a skill which in turn will contribute […]

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Establish Yourself in Quebec with Skilled Immigration


Quebec skilled immigration looks for the applicants who can fit into its culture and establish themselves economically. Quebec Immigration is different from other provinces of Canada. This region doesn’t take part in the Provincial Nominee Program, the part of Canada Express Entry Scheme the popular Permanent Visa Program for Canada. The Federal Canada recognizes the […]

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Importance of Adaptability in Quebec Skilled Worker Program


Prospective candidates willing to settle in Quebec, the province in North American Country dominated by French-speaking people have to meet certain criteria that are not quite common. Quebec follows its policy to attract the skilled workers, utilizes its discretionary powers as a province to allow workers based on careful verification. Quebec calls the candidates for […]

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Quebec Skilled Worker Visa – Settle in Canada Permanently

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa – Quebec is the only  Province in Canada which has predominantly French Speaking population and it is only one province to have French as an official language. The Quebec Immigration to Canada is designed to indicate as to which applicants they are likely to be economically established upon immigration to Quebec. We find that […]

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