Now Asians can travel Canada without Visa

This news could surprise frequent travelers planning to visit Canada, but to their surprise, now it is magical realism. The Canada Government has come up with an initiative to exempt the Asians from any visa requirement for travel purpose up to 90 days. According to the 2016 tourist arrivals report, Canada Tourism’s revenue is made […]

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Travelling to Canada – Gain a Deep Insight on Canada Visitor Visa

Opulentus Canada

Canada Visitor Visa – Planning to take a break from your hectic schedule? Mulling on to visit a place that is surrounded by resplendent natural attractions, landscapes, crystal clear beaches, beautiful countryside, historical monuments, snow covered ambiance and many. Look no further, Apply for Canada Visit Visa to make your vacation more memorable. In fact, […]

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Canada Tourist Visa Requirements for Indians

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements for Indians: The travelers require entry documents which are valid which includes ETA(Electronic Travel Authorization ) or Canada Tourist Visa to visit Canada. This would again depend on individual’s citizenship status or their status. To travel to Canada to visit, the individuals are required to meet few basic requirements which inclue […]

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