Settling in Canada under Experience Class category

Canadian Experience Class (CEC):

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration category designed for foreigners who work in Canada but are desirous of becoming permanent residents. The category was created with the belief that foreign workers having been engaged in work in Canada for a period of time have become somewhat integrated with the Canadian lifestyle.

A foreign national who has experience of working in Canada (skilled work), and who gained same with the proper authorization for at least 12 months within the last three years before applying (whether full-time or equivalent part-time), is eligible to apply in this category.

This makes the Canadian Experience Class category attractive to foreigners studying in Canada as well. Many of them are spread across some of the best Canada universities where they are learning or honing the skills that make them highly suitable for the category. Interested international graduates are able to remain in Canada on postgraduate work permits at the end of their study, allowing them to gain the required 12 months work experience. Nevertheless, it is important to note that experience gained in self-employment and as a full-time student is not tenable under the program.

Applications for the Canadian Experience Class are received and processed through the Express Entry selection system. This is after eligible candidates have made an expression of interest to be selected for immigration into Canada as permanent residents. The process for doing this is first, create an Express Entry profile through the online portal. After that, the applicant is to get an Invitation to Apply, a prerequisite for permanent residence. It is only after this a proper application can be made.

Requirements for Canadian Experience Class:

For a proper application for through the Canadian Experience Class to progress, the following requirements must be met:
• Minimum of 12 months (1,560 work hours) of skilled workers in Canada, within the last three years prior to applying with proper authorization – full time or a part-time equivalent.
• A minimum language requirement at the following levels:
i) Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 for NOC 0 or A jobs. In the alternative
ii) Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for NOC B jobs. This must be evidenced by an approved test result not older than two years on the day you applied.
• The applicant must be admissible into Canada and must not be planning to live in the province of Quebec.
• And, evidence of studying in Canada (which only serves to help you earn higher points in the Express Entry pool) or a foreign education which has been assessed under the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and found to be equal to a Canadian high school diploma or higher.

Applicants can continue to reside in Canada throughout the application process while those who have left the country may still apply provided three years have not elapsed since they left the job they held while in the country.
The Canadian Experience Class category follows a pass or fails model. Meeting even the minimum requirements allows an applicant to be eligible to enter the Express Entry pool.

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