Details of Entrepreneur Stream in the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Details of Entrepreneur Stream in the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Norms for Entrepreneur NSNP

Nova Scotia is Canada’s second smallest province around the Atlantic that is home to about a million individuals.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is a certified and approved Provincial Nominee Program signed in 2002. It allows skilled immigrants intending to live in the province to settle in using temporary or permanent residency in Canada with a temporary work permit.

The Nova Scotia nominee program (NSNP) accepts applicants under the following immigration streams; Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry, Skilled Worker Stream, International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream and the Entrepreneur Stream.

Qualities of NSNP

Entrepreneur stream of the NSNP is very effective and excellent. It is designed to focus on Experienced Business Managers and Business Owners who intend to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada and also live in the province and intend to buy or establish a business and be an active participant in the daily activities of running/managing the business.

To increase the chances of nomination for permanent residency in Canada through this system, applicants must be residing in Nova Scotia and managing a new or existing business with a valid work permit for a minimum of one year.

Eligibility criteria for Entrepreneur Visa Nova Scotia:

The minimum eligibility criteria for an applicant under the entrepreneur stream of the nominee program are:

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old
  • Have about $600,000 Canadian dollars and agree to invest $150,000 Canadian dollars in a new or existing business
  • Must have 5-10 years experience as a Senior Business Manager or have owned a business for minimum of three years, with 33.33 percent ownership.
  • Fluent language capabilities in either English or French that has been tested.
  • Must agree to reside in the province
  • Have an in depth knowledge of the business plan that you have and willing to establish.

Any business establishment plan must be well thought of, put together and effective in developing and settling your business. Any plan submitted by an applicant must be well researched and detailed about the steps and actions of the business for about 2-3 years.

Nomination Process

The entrepreneur stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program uses six nomination process which includes; Expression Of Interest, Invitation To Apply, Business Performance Agreement and In-Person Interview, Business Establishment in Nova Scotia and Temporary Work Permit, Request for Nomination, Application For Permanent Residence.

The point of matrix is used to select the most eligible applicant considering education, management experience or business ownership, percentage of investment in business, age, Nova Scotia priorities, net worth, adaptability, and language capabilities when interested applicants submit their expression of interest.

Utility of this Visa Program

This entrepreneur stream for the provincial nominee program provides various avenues for immigrants entrepreneurs like a good investment opportunity and having a high return on their investment. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is generally a temporary to permanent residency in Canada that first issues a temporary work permit and is mostly aimed at positioning immigrants’ entrepreneurs to be successful. It encourages them to stay on and help develop the province.

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