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canada work permit from indiaIf you want to build your career in Canada, the Canadian work permit can give you the opportunity to stay in Canada with your job up to 4 years. The work permit can also be converted to permanent resident visa with certain conditions. However, to obtain the work permit visa all you need to grab is an offer letter from a company which is recognized by Labor Market Impact Assessment -LMIA. There are also some basic criteria which have to be met. Key requirements:

  • Get the LMIA approved employment offer letter from any Canadian firm
  • It has to be very much clear that after job you will get back to your home.
  • Prof of fund has to be provided so that the government can be assured that you can financially support yourself and your dependents (if they stay with you in Canada) during the stay.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical reports.
  • No work experience in Canada for one or more periods totaling four years after April 1
  • The Canadian Work Permit allows to reside and work in Canada for up to 4 years
  • The Canadian Work Permit allows a family to stay with you and your family members can also study and work in Canada.
  • After staying on work permit the applicant can apply for PR(Permanent Resident )Visa.
Converting Work Permit to PR Visa: Anyone can apply for Permanent Resident visa through Express Entry staying inside Canada. All they need to is doing the assessment for their education and job experience, clearing language test . For their work experience in Canada they will obtain some extra point which will make their profile stronger. They can get the PR through Canada working experience class visa. It will take almost 7 months to get the visa done. To apply in Express Entry through Canadian Experience Class PR visa
  • have to show 30 hrs per week job duty in either full time job or part time.
  • All the Canadian experience letter has to be authorized
  • passing the English language proficiency test
  • No intention to reside in Quebec
Process Fees: There are different fees in several steps. The fee of Visa can be CAD 550 includes temporary resident fees of CAD150. Processing time: The Work permit processing time can vary since it is a step by step process. Approximately it can take seven to eight months in total.  

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