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Canadian Immigration department is planning to invite more number of immigrants to live, visit, study or work in Canada. Implementation of this policy mainly depends on the economic enhancement of the country, through their immigration policy. If the economic status, of the country through immigration is satisfactory, only then it is a benefit to the immigrants.

Canadian Immigration department is designing policies, which facilitate in equalizing the earning capacity of immigrants with Canadian nationals, which will even help in increasing the immigrant status of Canada. This provides more scope for foreign immigrants to migrate to Canada, and settle in Canada.

In immigration perspective, Canada is reviewed as "the land of dreams" and for the last couple of years, Canada immigration is fulfilling the dreams of many immigrants from various countries. Rise in business market and provincial programs, is urging Canada government to invite more foreign immigrants to settle in Canada.

As per the statement given by the governing bodies also, it is acceptable to invite more number of foreign immigrants to Canada which even benefits in enhancing the economic status of the country. Most of the immigration experts are stating that it is beneficial to Canada, if it doubles the immigration level because it will help in meeting the immediate requirement of the market.

The Canada government is, also planning to increase the annual intake of individuals, so as to be able to reduce the gap between the foreign immigrant and Canadian national economic status and this in turn, helps in attracting more immigrants. It is also initializing programs that facilitate in supporting the immigrants in attaining the specified job in an industry, which reduces skill scarcity in the market too. Thus, Canada is concentrating more on the immigrant’s career and prospects, which shall help in attracting more number of immigrants to Canada.

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