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Startup-Visa-Program-to-CanadaCanada is one of the most preferable nation to move to. Hence, lots of people apply to start their own business in Canada. Canada proved to get the best success rate while setting up the new business in Canada.

Canada invites the entire budding enthusiast who wants to make big in business world, by inviting applications for Canada start-up visa. Canada's Start-up Visa Program invites applications from candidates who can have an innovative business idea and can also help them to promote entrepreneurs with their skills to setup innovative businesses in Canada that can create jobs for Canadians and compete on a global scale. Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to setup businesses in Canada that can create job opportunities for residents of Canada. Canada is looking for people with minds of entrepreneur and hence ensures that unlike visa schemes in other nations, Canada do not provide “temporary” visa. The candidates, who get successful in this scheme, will be able to stay in Canada as permanent residents without any further problems related to their businesses.

Eligibility to apply for start-up visa

Applying for the Start-Up Visa, involves contacting different organizations and joint venture firms and convincing them for your idea. An innovative idea which guarantees maximum employment and minimum risk is likely to be preferred by the angel investor group. Those who are lucky enough to get permission from the Angel investors have to go through few more basic procedures such as their knowledge of English as English and French are two official languages of Canada. Passing standard Canadian health and security criteria, one can be sure to get startup visa.

Being prepared

Being prepared and ready to get the startup visa and hence keep on implementing as much as practical plans, can help an individual to get started with this process. Setting up business I'm Canada is a dream come true for all the budding entrepreneurs out there. The kind of the business sector, one is planning to setup in Canada, is to do a thorough research and going through different prospects regarding to the field.

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