A Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For Start Up Visa In Canada

The government of Canada is currently running a startup visa program which is targeted at immigrant entrepreneurs who possess the potentials and skills that are required to and can build a good business in Canada.

The Canadian startup visa program is targeted at a specific set of people who are very innovative, can be able to survive the business competition in the global world stage and who also have the capabilities to create job opportunities for Canadians. So, if you possess these qualities mentioned above, then you definitely should consult your immigration consultant or the Canada immigration consultants to discuss the opportunities that are open to you to be a part of this program. If you can get the support of any of the designated organizations responsible for this program, then you might be on your way to being an immigrant in Canada.

Steps Involved In Applying For The Start Up Visa Program

Here are the precise steps that are involved in applying for the Canada Start Up Visa Program:

Step 1 – Make sure that you are eligible: the first step involved in applying for the Canada startup visa program is to make sure you are eligible for the program. Here are some parameters that could help you run a quick check to see if you qualify: do you have a good qualifying business? Do you meet the required language needs for the program? Is your business supported by at least one of the designated organizations? Do you have enough money to help you settle in Canada? If you ticked all these boxes, then you are qualified for the program. You can also meet up with an immigrant consultant for a better assessment of your eligibility.

Step 2 – Get The Application package: once you have confirmed your eligibility status, then the next step involved is getting the application package which consists of all the forms you need to fill out for the program and a guide to help you fill out the fields in the forms. When you are done filling out all the fields in the forms, you should validate the generic code for the application form using the validate button on the form and then print out the validated form (include the barcode pages). When filling the way, you should make sure to answer all the questions asked truthfully.

Step 3 – Pay The Application Fees: After filling the application form, you should then go ahead to pay all the fees necessary for the application. You should know that when traveling with your family, you are to pay for each person individually.

Step 4 – Submit Your Application: After filling and correctly answer all the questions in the form, sign all the forms and pay all the required fees, then you should go ahead and submit your application. While applying, you should make sure to include all the supporting documents and a processing fee. The documents which have been completely and correctly filled should be mailed to the centralized intake office.

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