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Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Work in Quebec is highly rewarded in terms of salary and that is why many people made their way to Quebec immigration to obtain work visas and establish a living in Quebec. When there’s a huge inflow of Quebec Skilled Worker Visa applications every year, the Quebec immigration has brought in some new formulations to restrict the number of applications per year to only 20,000 and these rules were effective from 1st August 2013. Proficiency in French language was confined to basic level as per the earlier rules to obtain the QSWP but now, to refine the applicants, has increased the French language proficiency among the applicants to Intermediate level. Also, the applicants are supposed to stay in Quebec. The primary thing to apply for QSWP is to have an offer of employment in hand. On top of that, a successful applicant of QSWP will be eligible to apply for a PR in Canada through federal authorities of immigration. There are a couple of new rules included under the amendment that came effective on 1st August 2013. The applicants must have an education level equivalent to Quebec’s secondary school certificate or a parallel diploma. Also, the applicants must hold sufficient relevant experience in their field to be ready to plunge into the job market. Intermediate level of proficiency in French language has been made mandatory to apply for the immigration authorities of Quebec to work in Quebec under Quebec Skilled Worker Visa. Quebec has been successful in attracting and inviting huge number of immigrants to come, live, work and make a living; all thanks to wonderful job opportunities in there and this has inadvertently increased the number of applicants to Quebec every year. This visa indirectly paves way to the permanent residency in one of the most sought – after countries of North America i.e. Canada which has tremendous scope to become the next super power.

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