How to Apply for a Permanent Resicendce Visa and Immigration to Canada

It is the dream of many citizens of a particular country to travel to not only travel to Canada but to also obtain a permanent visa from that country. Often they get denied for not following the due process or fulfilling the basic requirements that are necessary for the granting of the visa. Often applicants do not understand what is required of them that is why a concise and accurate step by step guide on how to apply for a permanent migration visa to Canada is necessary.

For a permanent resident application to Canada, the applicant needs to show a mastery of some basic communication skills, one of which is the ability to speak English languages fluently. You must also be able to read and write English language expertly as evidence of this would be reflected in the test that the applicant would be required to pass through.

The applicant would also required to take an aptitude test. The applicant would be asked questions ranging from the applicant’s age, marital status, nationality, language, work experience, and financial status and if you have any potential job offer in Canada. The information provided at this stage is critical, as the information would be used to access the applicant and also pre-fill the applicant’s form. A lot of applicants get turned away at this stage.

The Canadian embassy would also have to go through all the certificates that the applicant possess, ranging from the first degree to a PhD certificate if available. It is not necessary to add a secondary and primary school certificate.

It would be an added advantage if the applicant has a job offer in Canada, this can speed up the process. The applicant would need to submit a reference letter from his or her previous employer’s in the establishments that he or she have worked. The reference letter must include the job title, duties, and responsibilities, work hours and pay. There should also be information that can be used to contact your previous employer’s if necessary by the Canadian government.

The applicant would also need to submit a bank statement showing the financial status of the applicant. The applicant must show proof of his/her ability to support his/ herself after a successful entry to Canada. The Canadian government requires that an applicant possess at least $12,000 CAD for a single applicant and up to $32,191 for a family of seven.

The applicant would also need a police clearance certificate from all the countries that the applicant has resided in, to show a clean record devoid of criminal activities of any sort.

A medical report to prove that the applicant is fit to live in Canada if granted a permanent visa. If the applicant has a disease that is contagious the request may be denied.

For a permanent resident application to Canada, it is not necessary to apply for a temporary permit first, once the application is received, reviewed, and approved, a temporary visa will be granted. Once the applicant gets to Canada, he/ she can then be granted a permanent permit.

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