List of Canadian Immigration Programs that Won’t Require a Job Offer

Do you have a plan for Canada Immigration, but you won’t have a job offer to appeal for your visa? Not to worry, many Canadian immigration programs welcome you without a job offer.

In our blog, we will discuss a few visa programs that Won’t require a job offer! Know more about the specifications and which provinces give them.

List of programs that have below the system of Express Entry. One of the significant changes to Express Entry this year is that you no longer require to open an account with the Job Bank of Canada!

Well, this suggests that you do not require to bother about getting a job offer from an employer of Canada if you appeal below some programs like the:

  • Federal Trades Program;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Canadian Experience Class; and
  • Specific Provincial Nominee Programs (P.N.P’s)

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (O.I.N.P)

If you finished your tertiary education in the province of Ontario. Then maybe the Stream of Master Graduate could be for you.

It was designed for foreign students with a Master’s Degree to appeal to work and live in the province of Ontario even without a job offer. Another program that also won’t require a job offer is the Stream of Ph.D. Graduate. If you are a foreign student and you got your Ph.D. in Canada, then this program is for you!

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (S.I.N.P) Professions In-Demand is a Saskatchewan P.N.P’s subcategory. By this program, you do not require a job offer, but you require to have a very skilled profession that is In-demand in the Saskatchewan province.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

The Entrepreneur stream of the Nova Scotia PNP is yet different Canada immigration program you do not require a job offer.

If you are passionate about investing or opening in a business in the province of Nova Scotia and have the appropriate work experience (03 years in holding your own business), funding (investment of CAD150,000), age (Above 21), language proficiency (CLB 5+). Further steps involve completed an EOI as well as got an ITA by the Nova Scotia province, you and your family stand an opportunity to become of Canadian permanent residents.

Spousal Sponsorship

Another immigration program of Canada that does not require a job offer is a Spousal Sponsorship visa. As Canada puts such importance on family, it has a program of Sponsorship produced to support your nearby family members for Canada Immigration.

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