Canada Spouse Dependent Visa: Helping Couples to Stay Together

Immigrating to another country can be very difficult, especially when there are very few choices and chances of moving with your entire family. And immigrating without your family can make live lonely and difficult, as you tend to discover that you are missing out of the most important events or moments of their life, you have very limited time to talk to them when you get the chance because of the different time zones, interest facilities and stress from all the day struggle thereby limiting your conversation and awareness of what happening in your various lives.

Looking for Canadian Spouse Visa

Canada being a very popular place for immigrants has made it very possible for you to immigrate with your spouse through the dependent visa. You can apply for dependent visa depending on your current visa status whether the work permit dependent visa or the study permit visa. Applying for a dependent visa can be done immediately you have obtained your own study or work permit which is usually gotten 15 days after your arrival in Canada. Your spouse can stay with you in Canada for the duration your visa is valid and even without clear IELTS and the processing time for a dependent visa is fairly short in compares to other Canadian visa. But in order to sponsor your spouse through Canada Dependent Visa you must show documents of your finances for the past one year to the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to ascertain that you are financially capable of taking care of the spouse you wish to sponsor.

Dependent visa can be obtained for; children who are adopted or biological under the age of 22, and have undergone medical and criminal examination by a Doctor/physician approved by the Canadian government, spouse or common-law partner even same sex partners who has been your partner for at least one year, parents and grandparents. Parents and grandparents are not usually included in the first visa application except in very uncommon situations and you must be adequately equipped financially to provide for them for such situations to be overlooked.

Family immigration is an immigration system of Canada that allows for families that wants to be together to immigrate together. Such family will include dependent children and spouses. New immigrants moving to Canada are allowed to include these family members on their first visa application. Parents, grandparents and any other relative that wishes to stay together with this family must be sponsored by permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

Enroll for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Visa

Family sponsorship program allows permanent residents and Canadian citizens to sponsor their family members or relatives like parents, grandparents, dependent children and common-law/ conjugal partner or spouse who can then live and Work in Canada and eventually become permanent residents of the Nation. Canadian citizens or permanent residents can also sponsor their common-law partner or spouse to become Canadian permanent residents using spousal sponsorship program which is also a subsection of the family class immigration.

Among other countries in the developed world the Canadian government provides probably the best and most generous reunification programs which are the second largest class in Canadian immigration. As they understand the importance of family and they are very much inclined to help various families stay together. Canada Tips is specialized Canada Immigration Consultant who undertake PR Visa, Business, Spouse, Dependent, Tourist and other Visa process.

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