Main Features of the Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Visa

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Visa or Permit allows skilled professionals with particular skills, experience and qualifications to migrate to Canada. This Permit is specifically intended for skilled workers to contribute to Canadian economy and fill the skill shortage.

Applicants for the Canada FSW Visa need to fulfill the minimum requirements, which are:


  • Having one year of the total work experience in a relevant designated occupation
  • Having a job offer from a Canadian employer, or be a foreign student or overseas worker currently living in Canada

The FSW Visa is a point based system and the applicant needs to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for this. The points are scored mainly on 6 major factors: Age, Language Proficiency, Educational Qualifications, Employment Experience, Employment Offer Letter and Adaptability.

Under the Canada FSW Visa, successful applicants are granted a Permanent Residence (PR) permit and are allowed to live and work in Canada without any restrictions.

Benefits of a Canadian FSW Visa:

The Canada FSW Visa holders are allowed to work in Canada without the need of an employer or a sponsor, any job offer or Canadian work permit

  • Unlike a work or job permit, you are free to work anywhere anytime without any boundaries or restrictions
  • On successful completion of 3 years of stay, an FSW Visa holder can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian PR or Canada FSW Visa allows migrants to access the social security benefits like government subsidized Healthcare (Medicare) and Education
  • You get unrestricted access to Canadian working sector and associated insurance and pension benefits and claims


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