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Canada aims at building a stronger economy by integrating its immigrants by providing economic, social and cultural assistance through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC is managing one of the largest and most generous immigration programs in the world. It’s funding of many services aims at helping the immigrants to settle and adapt to Canadian way of life and integrate into the economy. This funding has increased by 300% since 2006.

The immigrant’s settlement allocation in the years 2005-2006 was $200 million. The allocations now have been increased to $600 million for the year 2012-2013. The services through which CIC is aiming to integrate the immigrants into the mainstream are the following.

•     Free Language Training in either English or French

•     Support groups providing information and referrals

•     Help in applying for citizenship or other governmental benefits

•     Finding employment that matches newcomers’ skills and education

As per Mr. Jason Kenney, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister “The Government of Canada’s number one priority remains jobs, economic growth, and long-term prosperity. Part of our plan for economic growth includes improving outcomes for newcomers, and as evidenced by increases in settlement funding, we remain committed to helping newcomers succeed.”

The allocation of settlement funding is based on the national settlement funding formula, which in turn is based on the total number of immigrants in each province and territory. Additional weight is given for refugees keeping in view of their unique needs.

 The settlement funding for the Canadian Immigrant for the year 2012-13 allocations is based upon provinces and territories ability to maintain service delivery of these programs, improved accountability and ensure that funding meets the actual needs of the immigrants..

The following table furnishes the details of the Settlement funding distributed among the different Provinces and Territories fiscal years 2011-12 and 2012-13. It is to noted that Quebec do not receive this funding.

Settlement Funding Allocations

Settlement Funding Allocations
  2011-12 2012–13
Provinces and Territories Net Allocation Net Allocation
Alberta $64,071,989 $74,978,539
British Columbia $105,558,092 $109,813,233
Manitoba $32,027,618 $36,539,512
New Brunswick $5,179,369 $5,664,069
Newfoundland and Labrador $2,223,039 $2,512,975
Northwest Territories $672,976 $723,998
Nova Scotia $7,012,146 $7,078,944
Nunavut $463,377 $469,800
Ontario $346,521,868 $314,950,874
Prince Edward Island $3,946,142 $5,218,024
Saskatchewan $14,255,519 $17,995,061
Yukon $709,534 $932,632
Total $582,641,669 $576,877,662
Innovations Fund managed by CIC NHQ (*) $16,028,557 $15,850,289

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