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The QSW Program i.e., the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one of the most demanding as well as rewarding program to migrate to Canada. The applicants who are successful in applying and getting into the QSW program can receive Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). This is a points-based system and eligible applicants need to achieve a minimum number of points, and have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants who have experience in any of 146 fields of study/areas of training will be given priority. In August 2013, intake caps were placed on this program to clear backlogs and since that time, just like the Canada FSW program, the cap has been steadily filling, though at a slower pace than the FSW. The QSW program offers more opportunity for applicants to prepare their files carefully. At the moment, the QSW program is a long distance from filling its intake caps. However, people who wish to migrate to Canada through this program have no time to waste. Immigration Attorney David Cohen said that there is no way of knowing how many individuals are preparing immigration applications as we speak. He said that in his experience, as the end of the period comes closer, caps fill up more quickly. Therefore, people who are serious about migrating to Canada need to start today and not wait for the uncertainty of tomorrow. The world of Canadian immigration is evolving quickly to meet the changing needs of immigrants and Canadians alike. People who are eligible under present regulations may find their status changed in case they wait too long and allow new immigration rules to set up. That is reason, for applicants around the globe, there is no time like the present to start working towards accomplishing their immigration goals.

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