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Applying for Quebec immigration: Know if you’re eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec ImmigrationQuebec Immigration was shot to fame owing to its enormous potential to recruit skilled workers under the skilled worker visa category in the country of Canada. Quebec Skilled Worker Visa, ever since its initiation has been attracting huge numbers of skilled workers from many countries across the world. Charming lifestyle with a promise for future is the reason for this attraction. This piece prominently deals with the eligibility criteria demanded by Canada Immigration in order to qualify a skilled worker for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa. As Quebec is an integral province of Canada, Canada Immigration has been equivocally responsible in issuing/denying skilled workers the Quebec Skilled Worker Visas. The following are the eligibility requirements quoted by Quebec Immigration and subsequently Canada Immigration for skilled workers to get eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa category.

  •  Settlement in Quebec province is mandatory with the primary intention of the applicants being settling in the province under employment.
  •   Education adds considerable number of points on an applicant’s candidature as one is expected to possess a minimum of one diploma that’s equivalent to a secondary school Diploma in Quebec.
  •   Applicants are expected to possess prowess and expertise in their respective areas of employment up to a minimum designated level so as to get employed in Quebec.
On a crisper note, the following are the criteria considered by Canada Immigration so as to promote an applicant to Quebec under the skilled category visa with the alliance from Quebec Immigration.
  • Applicant’s age
  • Relevant work experience
  • Academic qualifications
  • Language proficiency in either French or in English
  • Relationship with any of the existing Quebec or Canadian citizens/residents.
  • Ready employment offer by a Quebec based employer
  • A distinct set of requirements if an applicant is willing to migrate to Quebec with his/her spouse.
Coming to applying to Canada Immigration to apply for permanent residence in Quebec upon obtaining Quebec Skilled Worker Visa, there is a predefined procedure in place which facilitates applicants with permanent residence status in the province upon meeting the necessary conditions.
  1. After an applicant successfully lays his/her hands on Quebec Selection Certificate which denotes the validity of skilled worker visa in the province, the same must be attached to the application of Permanent Residence and must be submitted to Quebec Immigration.
  2. The processing time will typically consume 4 – 6 months of time.
  3. Necessary medical and social checks will be conducted by Quebec Immigration so as to issue an applicant with permanent residence to stay in Quebec on the worker visa.

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