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40% down in Canada immigration backlog

Harper said that Canada immigration backlog has come down to 40% from last year. The total wait list fall is 616,271 from more than a million the year before. There might be fall up to two million people who are stuck in the queue bCanada migrationy 2015. This analysis includes moratorium on applications from immigrant entrepreneurs and investors along with grandparents and parents of immigrants. However, the government plans to resume accepting a set number of applications under the family reunification program early next year, Kenney said. "We will re-open that program for a limited number of new applications based on the new criteria in January of 2014 -- I stress a limited number of new applications, to avoid an explosion of the backlog again," Kenney said. The federal government launches a new program which is luring start-up entrepreneurs and companies to Canada. The government might launch a maximum of 2,750 visas a year for pilot program each held for five years. The great part in backlog reduction includes conservative government’s 2012 budget removed some 280,000 applications; these were made by skilled workers and their dependents before February 2008. Simple acceptance of the immigrants may reduce backlog, but it still a million people will be in struck by 2015. "Increasing the immigration targets, increasing the number of people admitted, would not have been a solution to the large and growing backlogs and wait times," Kenney said. "In fact, they would have continued to deteriorate without our government bringing in the action plan for faster immigration and controls on new applications." The average time taking for processing applications has also fallen, Kenney said. "Behind every one of those numbers lies a human life, someone who has the hope and expectation of coming to Canada," Kenney said. "We were doing wrong by them and wrong for Canada by making people wait for eight or nine years, and it would be even more wrong to force them to wait for 15 or 18 years, which is where we were headed in many of our immigration programs."   Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2013/03/26/pol-kenney-immigration-backlog.html  

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