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34,300 jobs were created in August in Canada

As per Statistics Canada, Canadian economy saw 34,300 new jobs in August. The numbers covered the 30,400 positions Canada lost in July. "It's likely to support the already hawkish stance of the Bank of Canada. We've had a slew of some disappointing domestic data recently, so this is a positive development for the Canadian dollar," Scotiabank chief currency strategist Camilla Sutton said. Reports by Statistics Canada said estimated 46,700 new part-time positions and approx. 12,500 full-time jobs were created in August. March and April 2012 saw a record 140,500 new jobs in total. Opulentus CanadaCanada Governor Mark Carney said: “Our job performance as a whole since the recession has been very strong. The vast majority of those jobs have been private-sector, they've been full-time jobs. There's still slack in the labor market, and that influences the conduct of monetary policy. It's one of the reasons why policy is so accommodative.” Get your profile evaluated by our experienced Canadian immigration to check your eligibility. This is absolutely FREE. Call us on our toll free number 1800 103 1555 or sms “VISA” on 56263 for more information. Share your views with us on Facebook.

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